Join the Ambassador Alumni Network

Ambassador Alumni Network

Being an Ambassador is a life-changing experience and you become part of a life-long community. All Win4Youth Ambassadors are invited to join the newly created Ambassador Alumni Network after they’ve taken part in the year’s main event.

This is a community of sport lovers, helping each other and their colleagues become healthier and stay more active. Our Ambassador Alumni draw on their own stories and experience to inspire others to discover the health and wellbeing benefits of sport. Their enthusiasm brings the programme to life, driving the spirit of Win4Youth. In addition, the Ambassador Alumni play a vital role in mentoring the new cohort of Ambassadors as they go through the experience for the first time.

Ambassadorship is also a bit addictive. So, each year, we pick five Ambassador Alumni who have completed the challenge in a past year, and give them the chance to apply again to be an Ambassador and compete in the global event. This provides continuity among the cohorts and gives our most dedicated Ambassador Alumni the chance to experience the event again.

Global Alumni Champion

The Global Alumni Champion is an important representative for the entire Win4Youth program. We are shifting the model from an external focus on the incredible professional athletes we’ve been lucky to have as godfathers and godmothers in previous years. By choosing one of our own extraordinary colleagues, we will further inspire other employees, associates and clients to get involved in this flagship programme.

Together, our Global Champion, local champions and Ambassador Alumni will support all our colleagues on their journeys to achieve the group goal. They’ll play an important role in coaching the new cohort of Ambassadors for 2019 that are striving to complete the main event of the year. We’re delighted to give them a platform to share their powerful stories in person, and through social media, film and print, to inspire others.

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