Involving Others – Being Ambassador doesn’t have to be lonely

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30th July 2018
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Involving Others – Being Ambassador doesn’t have to be lonely

By Katleen Vangodtsenhoven.

Training for an Olympic distance triathlon requires many hours of training. You’ll be spending quite some time in the pool, on your bike and in your running shoes. There will be days where all goes smooth and you have the best training ever. And, there will be days that it’s though and you’re having a hard time. Because you are spending all this time training (when you’re not working off course), you might get the feeling that there’s not much time left for anything or let alone, anyone else.

But if this story would only have disadvantages, triathlons would not be so popular, right?!

Sometimes you must be creative. By involving other people in your busy training schedule, you will discover that you get a win-win situation for everyone. So, invite your colleagues to share a run or swim with you during lunch time, meet up with your friends for a bike training on the weekend or participate in a running or cycling event together with your clients or associates.

When running my husband and daughter sometimes join me on their bikes, which gives us some wonderful family time. Or, we all go to the pool together. Sometimes we even take friends there and we combine swimming laps with playing around in the kid’s pool. At other times, I bike to work with a colleague and I just leave a little earlier to ensure I get a full training session in. When you involve other people in your trainings, you still get your training done, but you do it in great company, who benefit from it as well because they get fitter too! The reality is that that working out with others gives me a boost of energy. And, by sharing a passion, I feel much more connected to them as well.

Of course, it is not always easy to meet up and train together. Sometimes you have a different works schedule, you prefer to work out in the morning and the other at night, etc. But what helps, in these cases, is knowing that other people are working out too. That I am not the only one that goes the extra mile, but that they are also logging some extra kilometres or hours. I love it when people come to me and ask me if I can give them a scheme to start running because they finally want to be able to run 5 km too. Or when somebody asks me if all the hours they spend horseback riding or playing tennis could contribute for Win4Youth, it shows me that they care. That’s pretty amazing.

So instead of keeping all these workouts to yourself, share it with others. Talk about it, write about it and do it together. Involve your friends and family so they can understand you better. Involve your colleagues, clients and associates to log kilometres and hours with you for a good cause. Inspire others and be inspired. Doing sports together is not only double the benefit for Win4Youth, it is also double the fun!

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