An Olympic Hopeful as Win4Youth Intern

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5th December 2016
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An Olympic Hopeful as Win4Youth Intern

Since last October we are glad to have an Olympic Hopeful and graduate from University of Bern working with us as intern. Florin Salvisberg is not only doing an internship in the MarCom team, but he is also a professional triathlete and European Champion with a bachelor in Business Administration. Following a presentation by the Swiss Olympic team, Florin contacted the ACP manager of the Swiss ACP to get support in looking for an internship. The opportunity arose to join the Adecco Group in support of the global employee sports programme Win4Youth. He is supporting the Global Win4Youth team by organizing local Win4Youth events, taking care of social media, and motivates colleagues to clock up KMs for Win4Youth by providing weekly swim and run training!

Read more about Florin in this interview.

How did you get the internship at The Adecco Group HQ?

Last summer I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and wanting to get some work experience, I contacted the ACP manager Claudia Kaufmann of Adecco Switzerland. She was very helpful in getting me two job interviews. In the end I chose to work for The Adecco Group because the position and activities seemed more challenging and international, providing me with a valuable work experience. Not to forget, the culture also suited me perfectly! Both the ACP and Win4Youth are close to my heart, make me passionate and I can contribute my expertise in the chosen Win4Youth sport: triathlon.

What was your preconceived opinion about the world of work in general and The Adecco Group specifically?

To be truthful, I was a bit nervous to enter the labor market. Up until last summer, I was so involved with training and university, that I didn’t have time to do internships. This experience was totally new for me and starting in such a big and multinational company as The Adecco Group didn’t make it any easier. I expected it to be a very formal, structured and controlled work environment.

Was your opinion confirmed? What were you surprised by?

I had a very good opinion about Adecco even before starting to work here but my expectations were in every sense exceeded! I didn’t have to be nervous at all, since people in the Marcom Team are so open and the team spirit is great! The working atmosphere is much more relaxed and less formal than what I had imagined. Another big part of my excitement is to know that Adecco has a specific focus on athletes – we also have two other Olympians in our team with Claudia Bokel and Rodrigo Garza – sports and my involvement with Win4Youth. The motivation that every single ambassador showed in Lanzarote and the great team spirit was inspiring.

What drove you to choose your career in sport?

At the age of 10, my brothers and I went cheering for our swimming coach who participated at the Ironman in Zurich. Since that unforgettable moment we love triathlon and from that day on I strove to become better every day at this sport.

What are your achievements and future goals in sport?

A big achievement for me was when I won the U23 Triathlon European Champion in the Netherlands in 2013. Also in that year I won the Triathlon Worldcup in Hungary. It made me very proud when last year I became Vice-Swiss Champion in my sport. When thinking about the future, my biggest goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Before that, in 2019, I want to be on the Podium at the World Triathlon Grand Final in Lausanne.

How do you manage to combine work and training?

Actually it’s not very hard. Everyone in my team is very understanding when I have to go to practice and I also have the opportunity to finish work remotely. Having to juggle training and work makes me be more structured and efficient in my daily planning!

To read more about Florin access his Athlete Story on the IOC ACP webpage.

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