All in the finish line

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16th August 2018
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31st August 2018

All in the finish line

By David Plaza. 

Always in life, there are some memories that you can never forget, some small moments that in one or other way, change your life.

For me, one of these moments was the 7th of October of 2012, in Barcelona. That day I participated as a proud member of the Win4Youth team in the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon. I remember when we were all in the starting line, wearing our wetsuits, that there was a good atmosphere around us but also a little bit of fear in the air. The minutes before the beginning were magic, in front of the sea, surrounded by a hundred of Adecco colleagues. But the best was yet to come: we were all going to finish the race.

Some people suffered in the swimming part, some others struggled to run after doing the bike ride, and others were challenged to ride the bike in a big group. But when everybody arrived at the finish line, we were ALL waiting to cheer and celebrate. That was the real WIN4YOUTH spirit, and it is until today something impossible to forget.

After that, I got addicted to triathlon, and during the next years, I did all distances – Olympic, half ironman, and even full ironman. Still, I can tell that there is no experience that you can compare with a W4Y event: the atmosphere is unique, and we should not forget the fantastic purpose of W4Y, to help kids and to give them more opportunities.

Lanzarote 2018 will be my fourth W4Y event, and I can’t wait to be in the beach before the swimming, like every year I will be with my friends and colleagues to enjoy an amazing day. I think all Adecco employees should enjoy this experience at least once in life.


Looking forward to seeing you in Lanzarote!!!
David Plaza


David Plaza is the Regional Head of IT at The Adecco Group Madrid, Spain, and proudly part of the W4Y Alumni team. 

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