Get involved

Get involved in Win4Youth locally

If you’re a colleague, client or associate of the Adecco Group, getting involved is easy.

Simply track the kilometres you run, swim, bike or walk OR log the time you spend doing any other sporting activity. Pick your sport and start tracking progress — jump on your bike, grab your yoga mat or head out to play football with friends — every sport counts.

Download the Win4Youth app or start tracking activities through our dedicated website. Get the App or start tracking on the website.

You can see your achievements and manage your entries. Log in and compare your results to colleagues around the world. We’re tracking overall progress towards our ambitious targets in real-time, so every kilometre or minute brings us closer to our goal.

Train with others to share your passion and motivate each other to go further or faster. There are regular get-togethers, training sessions and local events arranged by our Win4Youth coordinators and Ambassadors. So get in touch with them and start making a difference!


Win4Youth main event 2018: Lanzarote

This year we’re making Win4Youth more inclusive than ever! Everyone has a chance to participate in the main event, the Win4Youth Triathlon in Lanzarote, powered by Ocean Lava.

For the first time, you can join by purchasing a participation package, individually or as a relay team. If you’re a colleague, associate, client, family member, friend or supporter, we have a package for you. It’s a chance to spend a weekend on this beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, network with colleagues, associates, clients and friends, as well as challenging yourself to compete in a fantastic event. There’s also a supporter’s package for those who won’t take part in the triathlon but want to come along and cheer everyone else on.

Packages are available for different distances as well as for relay teams. They include race entry, branded kit and other goodies



We’re also looking for Win4Youth Ambassadors. This is a unique chance to push your limits, participate in the kick-off “boot camp,” receive individual coaching, and become part of a peer group that will push you further than you ever thought possible. We are looking for applicants for whom this will be a pivotal experience, those who will grow and change through the programme, not necessarily those who are already top athletes. Does this sound like you?

This year we’ve created three spaces just for Adecco Associates to become Ambassadors.

More information on the Ambassador program is available here.

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