Win4Youth Team

5th December 2016

Frederik Van Lierde: Last blog

My year as the Win4Youth Godfather was just great! I got to know plenty of new and very enthusiastic people. A great project with only winners.  […]
11th October 2016

Frederik Van Lierde: Race week

By the end of this week you’ll be racing! It brings some tension and stress, just only when you think about it, no? Physically there’s only one […]
3rd October 2016

Frederik Van Lierde: Race plan for Lanzarote

A race plan can sound a little bit ‘pro’ but it’s not. In fact it’s all about knowing yourself and setting an ambitious but realistic goal […]
15th September 2016

Frederik Van Lierde: Mental plan for Lanzarote

Whatever goal you have set for the up-coming race, make sure you are prepared mentally for what is coming. Triathlon is an endurance sport and sooner or later […]