Rafaela Marinho

24th August 2018

All in the finish line

By David Plaza.  Always in life, there are some memories that you can never forget, some small moments that in one or other way, change your life. […]
16th August 2018

If I can do it, anyone can

By Boris Sarabeev.   It was 2012 in a hot summer day in a local café in Sofia, Bulgaria. A young man, at the age of […]
9th August 2018

Motivation – Getting the horse moving

By Glena Kirkby. Like the jockey guiding his horse, your mind needs to find motivation for your body so that it will achieve things it’s never […]
2nd August 2018

Involving Others – Being Ambassador doesn’t have to be lonely

By Katleen Vangodtsenhoven. Training for an Olympic distance triathlon requires many hours of training. You’ll be spending quite some time in the pool, on your bike […]