Lessons on the Road to my First Triathlon

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31st August 2018
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8th October 2018

Lessons on the Road to my First Triathlon

By Laurence Martin.

The road toLanzorate, Spain has been one of the most amazing and challenging journeys of my life. Beyond learning how to change a bike tire and learning how to breathe so I can swim more than 50 meters at a time, I’m most thankful for all of the life lessons along this journey. I have acquired a few more to share with you.

Be Humble

Last week, while my husband and I were hiking down a very steep mountain, we encountered a man with a dislocated knee. He was struggling down that mountain. We offered to let him lean on us. We offered to give him our hiking poles. He declined both offers. “I should be able to make it down this mountain if I take it slowly,” he said. Five minutes further down the path, I slipped and almost fell. My husband and I immediately looked at each other and said, “there is no way he will make it.” We returned and forced him to take the hiking poles. It felt so awesome to help him, and then we grumbled about how stubborn people are and how much “they” don’t like to accept a stranger’s assistance.

Fast forward a couple of days, I’m twelve miles into a thirty-mile bike ride and get a flat tire on my bike. I walked one mile and past ten offers to help before I let someone give me their extra tube. What was my plan? To walk back all twelve miles? There I stood, the stubborn person that I complained about just days prior. In that moment I realized I needed to humble myself. Yes, I’m a strong person, but I don’t always need to do things alone. Sometimes I need to let people help me. Sometimes it takes a village.

Be Grateful

My kids recently went back to school. That means I must make sure everyone reads 30 minutes a day, make sure homework is done and make sure they look presentable every day. On top of that, I still have to train sometimes up to 3 hours a day. It can be a struggle. One day within the past week, I let my mind wonder down the possibility of quitting. What would that look like? What would I tell my team? As my mind continued to wander, I stumbled to a place where I no longer had to train. The triathlon training was over. To my surprise, the feeling I experienced was not one of relief. Instead, I missed the training. I missed my teammates. I missed the feeling of accomplishment when completing hours of training. I missed my children telling me that they want to be as active as I am when they get old (insert smile here… we’ll let the old part slide). As I came back to the present, I felt grateful. I remembered how badly I wanted to be selected as the LHH Win4youth ambassador, and here I stand in those shoes. This journey will not last forever. This week I realized, I should be grateful for this experience and soak up every moment while I still can. It will soon come to an end and become a very fond memory.



Have Grit

Grit definition: Courage and Resolve; Strength and Character. Anyone that has dieted or started a workout plan knows that one of the most motivating things about that type of journey is seeing results. You get stronger and stronger or slimmer and slimmer, and it keeps you going. It energizes you and then… you hit a plateau! It is so difficult to keep going when you stop seeing the fast results. The glory is sucked out of the journey, and now you have to rely on your discipline to get you by, yikes! As I shared my feelings with my teammates this week, an outpouring of support rushed in. It made me realize that we were all experiencing the ups and downs of this journey… Together! The great thing is we know even when we’re down if we keep going, there is an up around the corner. My father taught me to have faith that everything will always work out for my good. My life so far is evidence of that belief. That’s where my grit comes from. I’m so honored to represent LHH as a Win4youth ambassador alongside Alex Bryne and over 70 other Adecco ambassadors around the country. Thank you all for joining me on this journey! I can feel each one of you swimming, biking and running with me.

See you at the finish line.

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