About Excitement and Routines

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8th October 2018

About Excitement and Routines

By Boris Sarabeev

You probably already heard about some peculiar routines, feelings or sort of secrets that athletes have in the days – even hours – preceding a big competition. Some of them go to sleep at the exact hour night after night. Some of them drink and eat the same beverages and food. Some listen to the same song for hours or watch one movie, again and again. Some athletes will spend time with their families; others will prefer complete isolation. Why do they do that? It is simple; because all these habits help them to focus, to concentrate and mainly to keep calm. They know that being focused will help them reach their goal and achieve what they are aiming.

Now, think about yourself. What do you do when you have an exam? Or an important presentation at work? What do you do when you have to organise and coordinate a big event for your family, for example? You also have your routines, right? Routines that help you keep the target clear, that help follow your agenda and stay on the track. Routines that we use to control the excitement – even the fears.

We don’t have to be professional athletes to know about how to cope with pressure. We don’t must necessarily follow someone’s steps. We must listen to our inner voice, to be confident and develop our plan. We like what we do. We must enjoy it and spread excitement to the people around us. Because people are different, with different personalities and feelings.

Still, we all should have one similar goal: to chase our dreams!

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